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Our Director Aimee has over 10 years of experience working with children and families in a variety of roles. Aimee has completed her Certificate 3 and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has further studies in Media.

Aimee is passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion, with a philosophy that all children should be viewed as capable.
"I've personally seen the difference in children when they're held at a higher expectation, If we as educators believe that they're able to achieve anything, and we allow them the support and space to try, amazing things can happen"  

Aimee leads the small team at Upper Beaconsfield Community ELC with a child-first mentality, embedding children's voices and agency in their daily educational program. 

Aimee's vision for 2023 is to make deeper connections to children's home lives and where they live (Upper Beaconsfield) by incorporating more nature-based play experiences such as Bush Kinder and risky play opportunities.

"I've always allowed children to take risks within reason, but I've never believed in risky play more now that I have my own child. Giving children the space to take calculated risks results in being resilient, persistent, inquisitive, and resourceful children. Honestly, the benefits and learning are endless. It comes right back down to treating children as capable."

Aimee believes in not only supporting the children in her care but supporting the family as a whole. Aimee builds close connections with her families and genuinely loves coming to work each day. Aimee believes in families actively engaging in their children's learning, and encourages families to play a part in the ELC through continual feedback and meaningful conversations. 

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